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Many factors have influenced my decision to become who I am today.  Along the way I have listened to many bands, met many people, and read many literary pieces.  The more important ones are listed below:


Rage Against The Machine:
This is probably the best political rock band of the past few years.  Fronted by Zach De La Rocha (Vocals) and Tom Morello (Guitar) this four piece revolutionised (literally) the way music and politics collide.  Their latest hit "Sleep Now In The Fire" was shot on Wall Street on the day record profits were umm... recorded.  The video clip portrays a spoof of the show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" titled "Who Wants to be Filthy Fucking Rich?".  Dedicated to freedom for all political prisoners around the world.

Swedish Punksters.  Broke up in 1997 (but reformed as The (International) Noise Conspiracy) these guys knew how to rock the house.  Motivating political lyrics mixed with two awesome guitarists and powerful rhythmic drumming.