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This antijock movement was formed in march 2000 when ArcH|AnGeL and myself decided to voice our opinions about the level that sport influenced the school that we both attend.  We literally stood up and demanded a stop to this, arguing that in this day and age too much emphasis is put on sport at schools often to the neglect of other areas of school life including cultural and academic life.  The jocks would not have any of it so they retaliated with words (for a change) arguing that they did attend culture events (i.e. one every year, absolute maximum).

And so the battle lines were drawn for the first time and the grade was divided into three groups: the jocks, the people who would later become the antijocks, and as always the group who just stood aside and watched what was going on.  Many events have happened since I last spoke to you all.  A few are ocumented below.

Temporary victory for us.  the school i attend is actually doing something about the situation.  if i see a few jocks expelled i will be happy but a suspension will do.  i know the staff have been aware of what happens but up until now have not done anything because no-one was standing up for the down-trodden.  enter the antijocks, stirring up a storm is what we do best and once people became aware it was all better from then on.  apart for a few ugly rumors about massacres there has been no real trouble for us.  one violent conflict to date, we won it (surprisingly) and they feared us; not exactly what we wanted but we're not complaining.  one incident involving trench coats at school (it was cold) and we're all ok over here in camp antijock.

enough news for now, i'll be back later with more updates (maybe even flash).

Live Forever