the antijock pages: version 4.x

this site is purely my opinions of jocks. some of them are unfounded (they have no proof), such as date-raping (i'll get some proof some day). i have tried not to name names. they have been replaced by two letters. sometimes initials, sometimes just letters.

this site is not illegal. the first amendment in the united states bill of rights protects it in america. and in australia it is protected by the freedom of speech clause in the constitution of the commonwealth of australia.

seeing as i am not doing anything illegal it is useless for all you jocks with a lawyer for a daddy to run to him to tell him to make the crazy man stop.

i did not start the antijock movement, i am just carrying the australian leg on my shoulders. i merely am a member of the official antijock webring. so don't complain that i started all this trouble. i am just continuing it. it was started in america by a disturbed little boy with some html skills. since then disturbed little boys with html skills in america, canada and australia have created websites and added them to the webring.

this site is not about violence towards jocks. i do not believe in violence as the solution to all our problems, that would be taking the jocks' standpoint.