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Welcome to version 2.x of  After careful consideration and talks with my fellow co-conspirators I have decided not to have an antijock page anymore.  Instead I have decided to convert the 20 MB I have here to a page dedicated to the Anarchist streak within the teenage psyche.

A few minor things have been happening recently on this website.  I have put up a trial version of a flash/html layout which can be viewed here.  If you do not have flash, click here to download it.  This could quite possibly replace the current layout.  We seem to be going through layouts rather quickly here so don't be surprised if you come here one day and find a completely different and unfamiliar layout.

The aim of this site is to promote awareness of the essentiality of individualism in today's society where we are ridiculed for not conforming.  This site is not about violence and taking up arms to overthrow all authority systems (not that it isn't a bad idea).  Sorry to disappoint all you eager young warriors looking for a fight, but violence doesn't really solve that much (believe me, I have tried to make it so).

This site is still in it's early days so bear with me and we can all watch it grow together.  From the old antijock site to what I hope this to become.  I have always been a strong believer in breaking the mould and being your own person rather than what the world wants you to become.  I have been constantly told that I am crazy, and that I have issues.  Yes I do have issues, I have many problems but it's nothing I can't change (not that I want to however).  I am how I am because I want to be that way.  I, however, am not crazy.  No, I am completely aware of what it is that I am doing and I welcome all of your input (you can mail me with it) because one of the basic freedoms in this country is the Freedom of Speech.

free speech onlineFreedom of Speech is important to all.  It allows information to be passed from one party to another without interference from any 3rd party (such as a government).  All join the black ribbon campaign for anti-censorship, especially on the internet.  Important for us all now, isn't it... you don't want anyone telling you what you can't do.  If you do then you've got something wrong with your head.  Anarchy is not about blowing shit up, it's about freedom for all and being able to do what we want (within reason).

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